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It Burns Personal TrainerIt Burns offers the following personal trainer services to help women of all levels of fitness achieve their fitness goals:


• Free initial consultation.

• Personalized workouts tailored to your goals.

• Workouts designed for fat burning effectiveness.

• One-on-one training for women by women.

• Group Training Classes.

• Nutrition counseling.

• Fitness assessments.

• Weekly progress check-ins.

• Body composition testing.

• Measurements.

• Supplements available – Qivana.

• Offers a line of It Burns™ logo t-shirts and apparel.

NEW! Online Training featuring personalized workouts & meal plans.


What to Expect from an It Burns Free Consultation

During your free 30-minute consultation a personal trainer will:


• Give you a tour of our facility,

• Discuss how your current level of physical condition compares with generally accepted norms,

• Discuss your goals and how It Burns can help you meet those goals,

• Discuss what a typical training session is like,

• Review our training packages and payment options, and

• Answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about weight training.


Please wear comfortable athletic clothing and athletic shoes to your consultation. A short sleeve shirt makes the body composition testing a little easier!


Contact us today for a FREE consultation to review your goals and receive our recommendations on how to achieve results.


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